Father Goose – A Dedication


Today I’m dedicating Father Goose to my parents, Louise and Gino Valenti of Bethesda, MD. They were big fans of Father Goose, especially the comedic talents of Cary Grant. I was eight when they took me to see this movie; that’s when I, too, fell in love with Cary Grant.

My mom especially loved the way he played against type as Walter Eckland. Gone were the usual tuxedo, military uniform or Savile Row suit. Instead, he drinks whiskey like a fish; he’s scruffy, unshaven and totally irresponsible.  

As for my father and me, we just loved the repartee between Walter, and the other characters, thanks to the tight script by Peter Stone. Then there was my dad’s embarrassment when trying to explain to an eight-year-old why Walter quit teaching Leslie Caron how to fish.

Of course, I’d seen Cary Grant in other movies on TV, and I always thought he was just as good-looking as my dad. They had the same hairline, and both were funny and handsome – both loved to play with their tomboy daughter.

Although my dad is gone now, I’d like to think that he and Cary Grant are somewhere swapping stories and discussing classic movies. My mom has Alzheimer’s disease, still laughs when I quote the best line in the movie,  “Goody Two-shoes and the Filthy Beast!”

Trust me.

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for loving this movie!

Author: Christy

Christy Kelly grew up in a swamp (Washington DC), graduated Villanova U. then escaped to another swamp (Hollywood, Florida). Her greatest achievement was convincing her two daughters that black and white movies are worth watching. Christy's passions: classic movies, writing, reading and singing in Sweet Adelines. She shares movie trivia with all who will listen and alternates between watching TCM and Netflix.

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