Who Are We?


Of course you know this lady, but the real folks behind this blog are you and me. You, because your thoughts and observations are essential to Classic Movie Talk, and it’s more fun to have conversations with fellow movie fans.

We are excited to talk about the classic movies that are not necessarily on the lists of “The Best…” “Top Ten…”, “Most Favorite…” We want to talk about movies that have a life of their own; movies that may change the way you think about a historical event, an actor’s credentials or a director’s.

These are film discoveries I’ve made that made a big impression on me as an adult, not just the ones that made me swoon over Cary Grant when I was a kid.

Maybe they appear on TCM quite often, but then again, maybe they don’t, or they appear in the wee hours.

Classic movies are part of my life like some people use food. They make me laugh when I’m down; they allow me to cry when I need to; they allow me to escape the day-to-day; and best of all, they allow me to figure out what makes a great story.

Please feel free to post comments whenever you are so moved, and enjoy!

Christy Kelly